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Dom's 'I Love the 90s' clips (HILARIOUS!)

Hot Actors


Dominic Monaghan- OMG! He is one of my favorites! He is soooooo good as Merry! Merry and Pippin are awesome! In the third Lord of the Rings movie when they got seperated, I cried! I Love him! he is sooo sexy! AND he has a sexy accent! And, there are rumors going around saying he's gay....HE IS NOT!
[Dom on the rumors about gay affection among the hobbits:] "I think it's because we're all young, good-looking guys. We're kind of cheeky, and we're very physically tactile with one other. I love those guys. I don't (have) any qualms about it. They're my brothers, and I don't have any problem showing affection for men. I'm aware of my own sexuality enough to be free with people." [quoted in MX (Melbourne, Australia), December 16, 2003] DIRECT FUCKING QUOTE! HE'S STRAIT!
HE CAN DANCE!  (and looks VERY sexy doing it!)
he was on 'I Love the 90s' he is dancing in that too...VERY SEXY!
Billy Boyd- He is another favorite actor of mine! I love him! Him and Dom are like best friends! They are like always together, and they are sooo sexy together! He plays Pippin in LOTR! His character is sooo funny, as is he! AND he has a sexy accent!
that picture is from a interview type thing of Dom and Billy. That was a funny ass video!
Sean Astin- He is one of my favorite actors! He was sooo good in Rudy and The Goonies and all his other movies. He can portraysooo many different kind of characters. If you've seen 50 First Dates, he was so good in that. He was funny! I think he is sexy too!
Elijah Wood- (STRICTLY VANESSA'S)I first fell in love with him in The Good Son. He was soooo good in it. And did very good. He is very sexy! I love him Lord of the Rings. He has a very mysterious look to him....very sexy! And, DUMBASSES, he's not fucking gay!
Tobey Maguire- I've loved him since Pleasentville. And now Spiderman? SKIN TIGHT SUIT? OMFG! can you say S-E-X-Y! He has these eyes that are just.....yeah. lol. ANYWAY! He is an awesome actor! He's GREAT!
Rupert Grint- Rupert is sooo good in Harry Potter. I love him! He has these green eyes that are just soo......woo! He's HOT!,%20Rupert
The Hobbits are sooo sexy!
If you go to and click "Elf-Friends" there are LOTS of pics.